Sunday, June 28, 2009


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
This week's meeting was a busy one indeed. The mailbox was brimming with projects in various stages of completion sent in by our members away from home.

Included in the pile were two illustrations commissioned by Gregory Oh for the forthcoming Toca Loca album. We passed these around and manged to finish them up by the end of the session:
The album, we are told, is entitled P*P and there is no set release date as of yet. Sources say it will probably come out late in the summer, or early in the fall. Or maybe not.

* * *

Also on this weeks list of accomplishments is the release of a new print. Sort of.
photo by Stacey Bode

My First Moustache was originally released as a limited run of only sixty numbered prints. We sold our last one back in December and though the whole thing was behind us, but demand for "that dirty moustache drawing" has been such that it's re-release was voted in at a previous meeting.
The new smaller version is an open run. It measures 5"x7" and each one is slightly different, just to keep things interesting.

* * *


  1. I've been trying to find you for a year! PLEASE LET ME BUY A MOUSTACHE PRINT!!!!!

  2. any chance this is still available???