Tuesday, February 23, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
Once upon a time, the Misanthrope Specialty Co. was commissioned to contribute some artwork for the liner notes of Toca Loca's forthcoming album, P*P. Well, at long last, the aforementioned CD has finally forthcome.
(album art by the men and women of the Company)
The company hereby alerts any Torontonians with a predilection for the esoteric reconstruction of pop music math by classical music Dadaists to the fact that there will be a CD release party this coming Saturday.

(see what we mean?)
Opening for the band is the ever-brilliant Kathleen Phillips, pairing up with the infectiously funny Katie Crown. They will be plying their combined comedic stylings. The uninitiated among you may rest assured they alone are already worth the price of admission. You are invited to initiate yourselves via the videos below.

(Kathleen Phillips in "A Bet With Bill")

(Katie Crown in "Hiding From Bad Guys")
The members of Toca Loca will then play a series of solo sets, wherein they promise not to play anything from the new album, followed by, in the words of Gregory Oh, "a nerd reception afterwards, where we can talk and have a drink under bright, harsh fluorescent lighting."

Saturday February 27 at the Music Gallery
8:00-8:20 opening act: Kathleen Phillips!
8:30-9:20 Toca Loca plays
9:30- join us for nerdy good times in the fellowship room
Admission $10 or $15 with a CD
* * *
As an added treat, there will be door prizes.

One unlucky patron will win an Unflattering Portrait sitting with the Company's own Reverend Aitor.

Although the Company cannot speak on the good Reverend's behalf, the fact that there is drinking on the band's dime lend itself to the possibility for others to cajole him into getting portraits of their own.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


by Tallulah Lastname, Company Clerk:
Editing is well underway on the Company's feature film project. Members have been slipping in and out of the Bunker at all hours to put in some time infront of the whirring, clicking Steenbeck.

Linear editing in action

Random shots are becoming fully formed scenes. And though said scenes are only just now being roughly cobbled together, a narrative is beginning to emerge. It's not unlike the process by which the Company's collaborative illustrations take form, becoming something greater than the sum of its parts as everyone adds their contribution to the stew.

* * *

In other news, just when the stench of old coffee, stale smoke and the mingling odours of unwashed travellers had all but dissipated from the cars' upholstery, the petition for another Company tour was passed into motion at this week's meeting.

In-Car Coffee
Inside the Battle Waggon during the 2009 American excursion

The Misanthrope Specialty Co. has committed four months to touring, setting April 30th as its tentative launch date. With that much settled, now begins the process of voting on possible destinations, mapping out routes, and the frantic production of inventory.

Stay tuned for updates as details arise.
* * *

Monday, February 15, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;
Last night the Company congregated for its regular conclave and drawing session after a long, hard, throbbing day of peddling smut at the Come as You Are's Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair. This marked the Misanthrope Specialty Co.'s first public outing of the decade, and it couldn't have gone better.
Erotic Arts And Crafts promo
(promotional artwork by the ever-brilliant Fiona Smyth)
While the Company hardly consider its wares to be particularly scandalous, it does sell a handful of sexually explicit material. These items, though not meant to offend, garner their fair share of disgusted sneers and tongue-clicking suck sounds at shows. The I Think of You When I Masturbate message cards never fails to rub someone the wrong way despite the romantic sincerity of its intention.
I Think of You When I Masturbate
One of the Company's chief offenders
Such was not the case at yesterday's show. Not surprisingly, the event drew an entirely sex-positive and mostly goodhumoured cross-section of perverts. "Our kind of people," as Tallulah was quick to point out. And in great quantities to boot.
I Want You Inside Me
So pleased were the misanthropes with their experience that it was unanimously decided to participate again next year.
* * *
Meanwhile, the wanderlust which had evidently been festering within some of the misanthropes all winter long has finally erupted in talk of another North American tour.
Lydia's Foot
Not being on the agenda for this evening's meeting, the subject wasn't delved into in any official capacity, and much of the Company seems ambivalent about setting out on the road again for any length of time. Regardless, the travel-thirsty contingent has made it clear that they intend to lobby for an excursion, and will be submitting their tour proposals at next week's meeting.
* * *

Sunday, February 7, 2010


by Reverend Aitor, Impresario:
At long last the this year's edition of Valentimes Funnies, Goofy Cards, and Scary Love cards are ready for the masses.
Hot of the presses after a long, hard evening of hand-perforating, there are but two options for those wanting to get their hands on a sheet or two of these glossy suckers, and they're both in Toronto.The Good Catch General Store retains the right of sole bricks and mortar retailer of Misanthrope Specialty Co. ephemera in town. For those of you unfamiliar with this pirate-themed business, owner Jola Sobolak meets the sundry needs of Parkdale's diverse denizens by stocking her shelves with a little something for everyone.
(photo courtesy of the National Post)
Her wares include guitars, locally grown produce, vintage clothing, neighbourhood arts and crafts, natural cleaning products, independently published books, pet supplies and toys for the kiddies. Need keys cut? They do that too.

Your other option is to buy the cards directly from the Company at this year's Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair, February 13th, at the Gladstone Hotel. Word on the street is there'll be all manner of secret deals for those who know the pass word...

(photo by Erkuden Sakana)
* * *

Monday, February 1, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
The film, as they say in the motion picture business, is in the can. Shooting for the Company's film has finally wrapped up. Soon begins the daunting task that is the editing process.

exposed film
Deep in the Company Bunker lies a mountain of exposed film awaiting splicing

With the active days of running through graveyards and subway tunnels in costume behind them, and no new rushes to anticipate once this week's footage comes back from the lab, editing comes as something of an anticlimax to some of the misanthropes. There is approximately thirty hours' worth of mostly extemporaneously shot footage to whittle and shape into a cohesive ninety minute movie.

* * *

In related news, Headquarters recently received a letter from the attorneys representing the project's chief bennefactor. In it Mr. Busey requests, among other things, that the phrase "Eat Shit And Die" be tacked on to the film's title.

Miss Lastname makes her screen debut

Not surprisingly, the list of demands was met with varying degrees of outrage and opposition among the Company's the rank and file. Nevertheless, it was determined the addendum to the title would be honoured after matters were put to a vote.

So while Company has yet to decide on a first name for its picture in progress, atleast it has a last name.

* * *