Sunday, January 10, 2010


by Heywood McGillicuddy, Chairman:
"First Cigarette of the Morning"
"First Cigarette of the Morning"

And so begins another year; another session of Sunday congregations at M.S.Co. Headquarters; a second consecutive decade nobody can quite figure out what to name.

* * *

Speaking of things unnameable, it appears the Company's still untitled, still in production film has somehow already found a buyer. A bit surprising, since it wasn't yet put up for sale.

devil pig
More Polaroid snapshots from the Arkansas shoot

On New Year's eve, a letter arrived from a California law firm putting in a bid to purchase the movie, sight unseen, on behalf of the project's chief grubstaker.

This is an unprecedented turn of events to say the least. It has generally been the Company's custom to celebrate a film's completion by organizing a Clubhouse exhibition wherein the film is premiered and hopefully subsequently sold in a relatively informal transaction. Not so this time, however.

detail from "The Adventure of Quad"
Detail from "The Adventure of Quad" by T-Bone and Rev. Aitor

The purchase, as negotiated by the buyer's attorneys, is a far more formal and technical transaction than the Company is used to. Included in the contract is a stipulation forbidding a public screening of the film. Instead, T-Bone is to deliver Los Angels as soon as post production has wrapped up, and personally hand it over to the buyer at a time and location yet to be determined.
* * *

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