Wednesday, August 11, 2010


by Rufus Spaulding:
border crossing
(photo by Rufus Spaulding)

Though still weeks away from home, the Company is back in the homecountry for the next little while, after a pleasantly uneventful border crossing into British Columbia.

main street 016b
(photo by Becky Johnson)

The Company's reasons for being in Vancouver are twofold: a round table discussion of secret business with their contact at Little Mountain, and the gluttonous consumption of ridiculously tasty sushi at suspiciously low prices.

How to eat sushi in the Japanese tradition

A deeply rooted Japanese population and the abundance of salmon, tuna, prawns and crab fished off the B.C. coast have made Vancouver the only city in North America where sushi joints outnumber burger shacks three to one. This abundance, means restaurants are forever competing to outdo each other by offering better quality sushi at lower prices. The sashimi-crazed misanthropes have been banned from more than one all-you-can-eat establishment over the years.

If only the members of the Company could get over this city's apathetic mock-liberalism and conservative hippie snobbery.

* * *

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