Wednesday, November 24, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
"A Sure Thing"
"A Sure Thing" by the men and women of the Company

It seems the executive branch's goodwill mission to Germany has eventuated in the Company seeping it's way into the Wunderkabinet roster. The Berlin exhibition, held in La Basellerie, houses a rotating collection of handmade curiosities from parts near and very far.

The show's third incarnation is being curated by drone metal superstar, Leah Buckareff, and slated to open early in the new year. It will feature selected works from the Misanthrope Specialty Company's matchbook project.

What wonders lie hidden in the many drawers and compartments of the Wunderkabinet?
(photo courtesy of Leah Buckareff)

The matchbook project began in 2001, after Company members Rufus and Cotton converted to freeganism in an attempt to curb their rampant nicotine abuse. While the discarded and half-smoked cigarettes the desperate duo collected were smokes almost as soon as they were acquired, it wasn't long before they'd amassed a surplus of matchbooks and disposable lighters. The overstock of garbage pickings found its way into Headquarters and the Bunker. It was only a matter of time before someone at a Company meeting picked one up and began doodling.

matchbook collection
(photo by Arthur Corey)

Keep your internets tuned to this weblog for more details about the Berlin exhibition as details arise.

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Number of projects initiated: 21
Number completed: 18
Number inducted: 6
Carried over to next week: 1

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