Sunday, April 17, 2011


by Talullah Lastname, Company Clerk:

Not long ago, on this very web log, the Company reported on the Sweetie Pie Press' recent loss.

Detail from "3 151 445 km"
"315 144.5 Km" by the men and women of the Company

The demise of Becky Johnson's car had taken an unexpected and sizable bite out her budget, putting her summer touring plans in jeopardy. Determined, she launched a fundraising campaign through the Kickstarter website.

In the hopes of raising the $6500 needed to get the show back on the road, the Sweetie Pie Press is offering a plethora of rewards incentives in exchange for pledges. The principal is not unlike PBS' sponsorship pledge drives, except that what the Sweetie Pie Press is offering in exchange for your support might be a little more appealing than Coronation Street tote bags or Dr.Who coffee mugs.

Unflattering Portrait
(Unflattering couple's portrait by Reverend Aitor)

As a matter of fact, the good Reverend Aitor has come out of hiding to offer up some very special incentives of his own.

Two lucky sponsors can opt to receive an 8 x 10" single Unflattering Portrait for a pledge of $50. Given that the starting price for a 4.25 x 5.5" portrait is $35, the Company feels this is a particularly good value. Also on the table, for a pledge of $100, is one 8 x 10" couples' portrait.

Perhaps of added interest to some is the fact that Aitor will undertake the portraits himself. He's been pulling back from the portraiture game, and turning down most requests for Unflattering Portraits since franchising the project to the M.S.Co. last summer.

"But Wait There's More"
"But Wait; There's More" by the Misanthrope Specialty Co.

After a little further deliberation at tonight's meeting, it was decided that the rest of the misanthropes would not be shown up by Aitor's goodwill gesture. Most of Company is very fond of the Sweetie Pie Press, and empathetic Ms. Johnson's cause. That's why the M.S.Co. is attempting to repay some of its karmic debt by donating some original artwork to the campaign.

illustrations for sale
Available for purchase via the Sweetie Pie Press' Kickstarter
Campaign. Please click on the image for a larger view.

Rust In Pieces, Boris Carloff and 315 144.5 km are both 21.6 x 27.9 cm gouache and ink illustrations, commemorating the death of Ms. Johnson's 1987 Pontiac station wagon. They are each available for respective pledges of $89.99. The Company has also officially licensed a limited run of twentyfour signed and numbered prints of each for $24.00 a piece.
Please bear in mind that this fundraising effort ends on the 28th of April.

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 30
Number completed: 17
Number inducted:6
Carried over to next week: 2

* * * *

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