Tuesday, February 23, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
Once upon a time, the Misanthrope Specialty Co. was commissioned to contribute some artwork for the liner notes of Toca Loca's forthcoming album, P*P. Well, at long last, the aforementioned CD has finally forthcome.
(album art by the men and women of the Company)
The company hereby alerts any Torontonians with a predilection for the esoteric reconstruction of pop music math by classical music Dadaists to the fact that there will be a CD release party this coming Saturday.

(see what we mean?)
Opening for the band is the ever-brilliant Kathleen Phillips, pairing up with the infectiously funny Katie Crown. They will be plying their combined comedic stylings. The uninitiated among you may rest assured they alone are already worth the price of admission. You are invited to initiate yourselves via the videos below.

(Kathleen Phillips in "A Bet With Bill")

(Katie Crown in "Hiding From Bad Guys")
The members of Toca Loca will then play a series of solo sets, wherein they promise not to play anything from the new album, followed by, in the words of Gregory Oh, "a nerd reception afterwards, where we can talk and have a drink under bright, harsh fluorescent lighting."

Saturday February 27 at the Music Gallery
8:00-8:20 opening act: Kathleen Phillips!
8:30-9:20 Toca Loca plays
9:30- join us for nerdy good times in the fellowship room
Admission $10 or $15 with a CD
* * *
As an added treat, there will be door prizes.

One unlucky patron will win an Unflattering Portrait sitting with the Company's own Reverend Aitor.

Although the Company cannot speak on the good Reverend's behalf, the fact that there is drinking on the band's dime lend itself to the possibility for others to cajole him into getting portraits of their own.


  1. did you notice the appearance that one of your unflattering portraits makes in katie's video? that might have even be nearly your first one.

  2. Product placement.