Monday, February 15, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;
Last night the Company congregated for its regular conclave and drawing session after a long, hard, throbbing day of peddling smut at the Come as You Are's Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair. This marked the Misanthrope Specialty Co.'s first public outing of the decade, and it couldn't have gone better.
Erotic Arts And Crafts promo
(promotional artwork by the ever-brilliant Fiona Smyth)
While the Company hardly consider its wares to be particularly scandalous, it does sell a handful of sexually explicit material. These items, though not meant to offend, garner their fair share of disgusted sneers and tongue-clicking suck sounds at shows. The I Think of You When I Masturbate message cards never fails to rub someone the wrong way despite the romantic sincerity of its intention.
I Think of You When I Masturbate
One of the Company's chief offenders
Such was not the case at yesterday's show. Not surprisingly, the event drew an entirely sex-positive and mostly goodhumoured cross-section of perverts. "Our kind of people," as Tallulah was quick to point out. And in great quantities to boot.
I Want You Inside Me
So pleased were the misanthropes with their experience that it was unanimously decided to participate again next year.
* * *
Meanwhile, the wanderlust which had evidently been festering within some of the misanthropes all winter long has finally erupted in talk of another North American tour.
Lydia's Foot
Not being on the agenda for this evening's meeting, the subject wasn't delved into in any official capacity, and much of the Company seems ambivalent about setting out on the road again for any length of time. Regardless, the travel-thirsty contingent has made it clear that they intend to lobby for an excursion, and will be submitting their tour proposals at next week's meeting.
* * *

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