Sunday, June 27, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
Chicago is calling. The Company is snaking its way North again, but not before stopping back in Louisville for a taste of hot brown -- a not so distant cousin, it would appear, of Pittsburgh's own turkey devonshire.

hot brown
(Kentucky hot brown)

For the uninitiated, a hot brown is an open faced sandwich consisting of turkey, ham, tomatoes, pimento and shredded parmesan drowned in mornay sauce and topped off with bacon.

* * *

Pike Motel
(photo by Reverend Aitor)

The misanthropes checked into the cheapest motel room they could find in the greater Louisville area for another Sunday meeting of protocols, tour planning and infighting before bedtime. A fair amount of time also had to be put into preparing merchandise for upcoming shows and store visits, as inventory has been decreasing steadily along the way.

"A Party, Spoiled"
A Party, Spoiled limited edition assembled print by the M.S.Co.

* * *

The final instalment in this season's Epistolary Subscription Service will be shipped out first thing Monday morning. Bowing to increasing demand, it was reluctantly decided this week that the number of available subscriptions for the coming season will be increased to ninety-nine.

portrait of the Company's beloved bailiff

Meanwhile, in an effort to tide the project's loyal followers over until service resumes in October the Company's Communications Officer will begin posting excerpts from T-Bone and Cotton's notes to Headquarters, here, on the web log.

Route 66
(Route 66 map courtesy of )

The pair intends to break away from the main convoy after next week's congregation in Chicago. From there, they'll make the pilgrimage along their beloved Route 66 all the way to Los Angeles, where they are scheduled to deliver Screaming Hellhogs Eat Shit and Die to it's rightful owner.

* * *

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