Wednesday, June 2, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;
coffee break
Iconic shitty coffee in ironic pretty cups

Company members have been arriving in New York from their respective hiding places over the past few days. Some have found floors and couches upon which to rest their weary heads. A lucky few have even scored guest rooms, but many potential hosts are often overtaxed with all manner of visiting acquaintances during the summer months and there is no room at the inn for some of the misanthropes, let alone enough workspace to accommodate the entire Company. This is where the Company Location Manager steps up to the plate.

temporary housing
Align LeftThe Company's temporary Brooklyn offices

This anonymous individual is saddled with the task of arriving at Company destinations ahead of the pack; securing shelter, a base of operations, and often scouting out food and entertainment options for the collective.

Once again, she has proven her incomparable worth; gaining entry into an surprisingly inhabitable abandoned rooming house and single-handedly preparing a live/work space for the essentially homeless peers.

taping into the grid
A little electrical handiwork

Though the gas remains shut off, she has managed to procure electricity and get the water running. It then befell on the Company's Minister of Acquisitions to furnish the apartment with some seating, work surfaces and sundry small necessities. Luckily, New York is a garbage picker's goldmine -- though it should be noted that any curbside treasure should be thoroughly examined for bedbugs. They've become something of a local scourge in recent years.

The Company's accommodations, all cleaned up and awaiting some furniture

With hardwood floors and the rat shit swept away, these free Brooklyn digs have become a a formidable base camp. The entire Company is celebrating by throwing a slumber party tonight.


* * *

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