Sunday, January 30, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
"Mein Hertz"
"Menin Hertz..." by the men and women of the Company

As the great beast January draws to a close, the members of the M.S.Co. turn their jaundiced business eyes to Valentine's Day. A heart-warming respite from the most frigid winter month.

In its continuing endeavour to reclaim the kissy-faced Hallmark holiday for perverts everywhere, the Company has voted in favour of hocking their seedy wares at Come As You Are's ever-popular Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair. The misanthropes had a great time at last year's event and are very much looking forward to peddling their smut at the Gladstone Hotel once again.

mixed cards
(M.S.Co. perforated Valentimes cards to hand out to all your reprobate classmates)

Already, the Company's newly instated Manufacturing Division is hard at work putting together extra naughty message cards, dirty prints and risqué matchbooks for the show. Patrons can also expect a fresh batch of seasonal specialties, such as the ever popular Valentimes Goofy Cards perforated card sheets.

erotic arts and crafts flyer

Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair
Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011. Noon – 8pm
Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

Facebook Invite

Incidentally, for those who have been inquiring whether Reverend Aitor will be drawing Unflattering couple's portraits again, his answer is a resounding "Nope." Not this time.

* * *

"Drinking Because of You"
"Drinking Because of You" by the M.S.Co.

Also slated for next week: the Company has decided to host Valentine's Day open house at the M.S.Co. Clubhouse. Expect the usual mix of live music, moonshine, readings, screenings throughout the day, along with an exhibition of original art revolving around the themes of love, sex, loneliness, and the like. The public is invited to bring their old love letters, diaries, and photos for show and tell and/or the heartbreak bonfire. There will also be a topically appropriate secondary exhibit for any and all comers to partake in.

Their trash, our treasure.
(photo by Rufus Spaulding)

A routine dumpster-diving expedition recently yielded a motherlode of Sexy Doodle Pads. Thousands of them. What the Parkdale Animal Clinic was doing with so many of these, and why they were discarded is anyone's guess, but their loss is the Company's gain. The plan is to wallpaper the Clubhouse maze with as many filled-in sexy doodles as possible, but the Company can't do it alone. Inspired in part by Paper Boy's communal art wall exhibition, the misanthropes are opening up the project to the public.

sexy doodle pad
One done, thousands to go. Won't you please help? (photo by Becky Johnson)

Complimentary pads have already been sent to the Company's subscribers in a supplementary mail-out. Anyone else interested in filling in some sexy doodles in advance of the Valentine's Day exhibition is welcome to contact the Company, or pick up a pad or two from the M.S.Co. booth at Saturday's Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair.

Monday, February 14
M.S.Co. Clubhouse

Toronto, ON
Doors open at 2pm
Festivities begin in earnest at 9pm

As always, a modest supply of moonshine, beer and spirits will be available for purchase, by donation, but all are welcome to bring their own refreshments.

* * * *

Number of projects initiated: 29
Number completed: 20
Number inducted: 11
Carried over to next week: 1

* * * *

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