Sunday, March 6, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:

The Toronto and Montréal branches of the M.S.Co. convened at Hindquarters this weekend, after a mildly disappointing couple of days of trying to peddle Company goods to an often empty room.

puces pop (10)b
A post-POP breather (photo by Becky Johnson)

This new wintertime incarnation of Puces POP didn't quite measure up to the good-time frenzy of it's autumnal counterpart. And while attendance and sales can never be guaranteed in these, it is the Company's post-mortem opinion that better promotion and planning would have gone a long way. Throngs of attendees are easily steered into the market space when the event is run in conjunction with Pop Montreal. It's a giant festival, and people come from all over to participate and watch. But without the festivals coattails to ride, and in a less trafficked location, Puces Pop needs to work a little harder at attracting the public. Or even at informing people of its existence.

Illustration for "Three Women on the Bus"
Completed title page for "Three Women On The Bus" by the men and women of the M.S.Co.

The drawing portion of this weeks' meeting was focused mainly on finishing up work for Pilot, and voting on which illustrations would make the cut.

One of the misanthropes' favourite things about working for Pilot, is the luxury of time they afford their illustrators. Assignments are given out well in advance of their deadlines. This grants the Company plenty of wiggle room for its collaborative process, as works in progress are mailed back and forth between its various members stationed across the continent and parts of Europe so everyone can make their contribution to the project.

Illustration for "Three Women on the Bus"
The eponymous Three Women, as illustrated by the Misanthrope Specialty Co.

Also in Pilot-related news, the Company is also preliminary talks with Pilot's cock pit crew about a feature portfolio spread in the next edition. This is indeed a flattering prospect.

More concrete details will on the matter will be posted once the Pilot and M.S.Co. camps have hammered out all the details.

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 30
Number completed: 17
Number inducted:6
Carried over to next week: 2

* * * *

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