Sunday, February 20, 2011


Goikoetxea lineage
the Goikoetxea bloodline, as interpreted by the M.S.Co.

The Goikoetxea-Iturraspe family of Araba, Spain, have been longtime benefactors of the M.S.Co. Their patronage dates back to that brief period when the misanthropes were running their Sunday meetings out of the intensive care unit of a Pamplona hospital. Pepper and T-Bone shared the recovery room with the Iturraspe twins. They'd all been gored in the running of the bulls, and in the weeks that followed the members of the Company became acquainted with the twins and their visiting kin. The rest, as they say, is history.

The running of the bulls in Pamplona

Recently, Fernando and Carmen Goikoetxea-Iturraspe approached the Company with a project too enticing to pass up; a fully illustrated family album, detailing the strange history of both the Iturraspe's and Goikoetxea's converging ancestries. The Company has since been entrusted with shoebox upon shoebox of photographs, letters, documents and sundry keepsakes to sift through, interpret, and weave into a genealogical narrative.

family photos
(photographs courtesy of the Goikoetxea-Iturraspe estate)

It's the Family Day long weekend in parts of Canada. What better time to share some of the developments in this family-oriented endeavour? Stay tuned for more postings on the family history project as it continues to evolve.

* * *

Pop Montreal
(photo by Pepper and Heywood)

In unrelated news, the Company's Montréal contingent has been petitioning Headquarters to have the Misanthrope Specialty Co. return to la belle province in an official capacity. Indeed, the Comapny's autumnal hiatus and post-tour burnout resulted in the misanthropes sitting out much of the action there was to be had in recent months; leaving it's Québécois memebers to twiddle their thumbs on the sidelines. This week a unanimous decision was made to remedy the situation.

puce pop
(Puces Pop flyer courtesy of the Pin Pals)

Puces Pop descends on the City of Saints next month, and the M.S.Co. is throwing its hat in the ring. This spin-off from the ever growing music festival turned international arts, film, children's festival and general cultural symposium that is Pop Montréal seems like too good a time to pass up. Further details will be released as the date approaches.

* * * *

Number of projects initiated: 22
Number completed: 15
Number inducted: 7
Carried over to next week: 5

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