Thursday, May 19, 2011


by Tallulah Lastname, Company Clerk:

(promotional artwork courtesy of the folks at Renegade Handmade)

Coming up this weekend is the first event of the Company's summer tour. The M.S.Co. hasn't shown it's ugly face in Austin in a few years, so be sure to drop by booth 45 and see how terribly the misanthropes have aged.

* * *

Oh, and the Unflattering Portrait Project is getting back in the swing of things on the second day of the show. Reverend Aitor and his gang of trained miscreants will be on hand to confirm your every insecurity. Drop-ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended.

(photo by Reverend Aitor)

To book your appointment: simply click on the comments section at the end of this posting and claim any hour that isn't already claimed. Sign ups are available until midnight, the night before.

Sunday MAY 22

1:30 pm - Available

2:30 pm - Available
3:30 pm - Available

Portraits take about thirty to fifty minutes per person. Couples, oddly enough, count as two persons, so book two slots. And punctuality is always in fashion. Patrons arriving more than eight minutes late for their scheduled sitting will not be served.

* * *

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