Saturday, May 28, 2011


by Tallulah Lastname, Company Clerk:
domy store
(photo by Cottonwood Fileds)

The Misanthrope Specialty Co.'s time in the silicone hills is drawing to a close, but the Company is leaving it's indelible stain behind. A little something for Austin to remember the misanthropes by.

domy interior
(photo by Cottonwood Fields)

Domy Books, Austin's impecably curated bastion of zines, special interest periodicals, art comics and video now purveys a select assortment of Company wares. The Company became acquainted with Domy's co-founder, Russel Etchen at last weekend's Renegade. They hit it off immediately, discussing bootleg releases of You Can't Do That On Television, The Vacant Lot, and the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Truly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

domy interior
(photo by Reverend Aitor)

Domy Books also maintains a gallery space, in wherein sundry events and exhibitions are produced, highlighting the stores intersecting ideas and sensibilities.

Presently, the gallery is exhibiting As Above, So Below: The Art of the Secret Society, a breathtaking collection of traditional artwork and imagery from various American fraternal lodges. If you love all seeing eyes and mystical masonic iconography half as much as the men and women of the M.S.Co., you'd be wise to drop by Domy Books. The Exhibit runs until June 9, 2011.

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