Sunday, August 21, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
"Let Lucifer" logo
Let Lucifer logo A by the members of the M.S.Co.

This week, the Company finished up work on the a new logo for Indianapolis artisan clothier, Jerry Lee Atwood.

Horseshoes & roses shirt
Jerry Lee's handiwork (photo courtesy of Jerry Lee Atwood)

Mr. Atwood is the founder and proprietor of Jerry Lee's (Mid)Western Wear; a one-man operation turning out some of the finest hand-made and embroidered custom western clothing since Nudie Cohn. The two parties' paths had crossed a few years back, during a previous Company tour. They hit it off off instantly, discussing the finer points of both antique typewriter and moustache maintenance. Since then, Jerry and his lovely soon-to-be wife, Jaime, have hosted the Company on its various crossings of the Hoosier state, providing the Misanthropes with a private and comfortable space to spread out and fulfill their Sunday protocols.

jerry lee's (11)b
A one-man sweatshop (photo by Becky Johnson)

But Mr. Atwood divides his time among many compartmentalized interests. Presently, he is preparing to launch Let Lucifer, a separate clothing label for his line of rugged workwear. This is where the Misanthropes come in.

"Let Lucifer" Illustration progression
Steps in the collaborative creation of the logo

The Company has been hired to handle Let Lucifer's branding; designing the logo, tags, and sundry items for this new venture. And while things are still in their nascent stage, the M.S.Co. is excited at the prospect of seeing its work emblazoned on a leather tag, swinging to and fro on the back of a pair of indigo jeans down the streets of Indianapolis.

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 20
Number completed: 14
Number inducted: 4
Carried over to next week: 4

* * * *

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