Sunday, August 14, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:

The painting pictured above represents something of an olive branch.  A public goodwill gesture from some of the naysaying members of the Company in Toronto to their Away Team counterparts.

"Please Come Back To Us: a public apology"
"Please Come Back To Us: a public apology" by the M.S.Co.

In reviewing this summer's weblog posts, some of the Misanthropes grew concerned that their attempts to preclude the tour might end up being misconstrued; both by the Away Team and the reading public. They wanted it known that there is no true animosity between the two camps.  Infighting is sort of what the Company is set up to do by design.

Indeed, from it's very inception, the Misanthropes agreed the Company should be a house divided against itself, mired in its own bureaucratic democracy.  It's just more fun that way.

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In unrealated news, sometimes the M.S.Co.'s membership finds itself in complete agreement.

 photo by Tallulah Lastname

Last week, for instance, all camps agreed unanimously that it'd been too long since the release of a Company catalogue. Nearly five yeas, asamatterofact.

True to their fickle dilettantism, the easily distracted Misanthropes became sidetracked with new diversion and offshoots thereof, leaving the once monthly review of the Company's collective output to flounder. In 2003, The Misanthrope Specialty Co.  Encyclop√¶dic Catalogue, Illustrated, Monthly was scaled back to a quarterly publication, but even that became too much to live up to. It fared a little better as an annual before falling completely by the wayside in 2006.

Finally, the time has come to revive the all but forgotten publication.

The Killer and line art

 "The Killer" and its catalogue counterpart

A new Editor-In-Chief has been appointed to spearhead the Company's Publications Division.  Assignments have been doled out, and now the company has begun the process of compiling a comprehensive five-volume catalogue of selected works from 2007 to 2011.

Unlike in previous incarnations, the new editions will not contain scans and photos of the original Archive illustrations.  Instead, the Misanthropes have been busily re-creating their work in the slightly more simplified form of line drawings.  Each collectively made original will now be reinterpreted by a single illustrator. Depending on the whims of the Misanthrope assigned to any given illustration, some reproductions may be more faithful to the original than others. 

line art pile
New drawings of old paintings by the M.S.Co.

It is not yet clear when the Catalogues will be published, and at what interval.  For that matter, the Company has yet do discuss whether it will continue to put out new volumes with any regularity after the 2011 volume is complete and on the streets. Right now the Misanthropes are busily focusing on the task at hand.

As usual, curious readers are advised to stay tuned to this weblog for further details as they come to light.

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Number of illustration initiated:37
Number completed: 20
Number inducted: 3
Carried over to next week: 7

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