Monday, November 28, 2011


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This just in: The Misanthrope Specialty Co. is now taking appointments for Unflattering Portraits at Kid Icarus' upcoming Handmade Holiday show.

What's are these Unflattering Portraits, you axe? They sound familiar, and amazing. They are.

The Misanthropes have adopted Reverenend Aitor's mission to lovingly commit everyone's oft-ignored flaws to paper. No laugh line is too deep; no blackhead too small. Embrace your cold sore, under-eye baggage and
bot fly cysts. They are a part of who you are and shouldn't be glossed over or ignored. For a nominal fee, you too can have have your turkey neck recorded for posterity.

Stacey T
This is an Unflattering Portrait

To book your portrait appointment: simply click on the comments section at the end of this posting and claim any hour that isn't already claimed. Couples, oddly enough, count as two persons, so please book two slots. Online sign ups are open until 11:00 pm, Friday December 2.

at Handmade Holiday Arts + Crafts Show
Saturday December 3rd 2011
St. Stephen-in-the-Fields
(103 Bellevue Ave)

1:00pm - Available
2:00pm - Available
3:00pm - Available
4:00pm - Available

All live portraits are done by donation. Pay what you can, or think it's worth. Sittings take about thirty to fifty minutes per person. Punctuality, by the way, is always in fashion. Please be aware that patrons arriving more than eight minutes late for their scheduled sitting may not be served.

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