Tuesday, May 4, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;

The duties slash passions of the Company's Minister of Acquisitions include sniffing out every flea market, pawn shop and thrift store along the tour route in search of supplies, equipment and sundry treasures on behalf of the Company and its members.

American Thrift Store
One man's ceramic hot dog is another man's treasure

Yesterday the Company's intrepid scavenger made an exciting find during his expedition to Mechanicsburg, PA.

PoleStarAlign Center
The PoleStar Do-It-Yourself Image Transfer kit pictured above was stumbled upon at a Volunteers of America thrift store for a bank-busting seven dollars. It is used to transfer 8 and 16mm film, slides and photos to video by means rigging a camera to one end of the box and projecting the film, or sliding the slides or photographs through the other end.

The Company is delighted by this novel find. It's sure to come in handy in future film projects.
* * *

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