Saturday, July 24, 2010


Notes to Headquarters
from T-Bone
, Company Bailiff:

"The deed is done. We handed Hell Hogs over to Gary and his goons last night. The matter's out of my hands now. Finally. Amen.


"I'd been sent detailed instructions on how the transaction was to be played out. I had to be go foot, unarmed, and place the film cans in a trunk between the two O's in the Hollywood sign. Cotton accompanied me part ways but it had been clearly stipulated I was supposed to arrive alone. I deviated from the established trails. We had the sense we were being watched from afar.

Approaching the Hollywood Sign

"I hadn't realized access to the sign itself restricted. Fenced off and closely monitored by
security cameras. In order to deposit the reels in adherence to the plan I would have to scale the fence, on camera, in broad daylight, negotiating my way over razor wire. Gary must have known this. I didn't doubt it.
My blood began to ache.

PR Shoes

"All the same, I'd agreed to the job. And things looked like they might work out with the help of my puertoricans. I had a leg over, then the razor wire snagged my sock. It only got worse the more I worked to get unhooked. A voice barked at me over the security loudspeaker. I'd been spotted trespassing and I was stuck there sure the police were coming to take me off in chains.


"An audience of thicknecked goons emerged. Some in uniforms. All of them hooting, chucking, snapping photos with their telephones. Even the voice on the speaker was laughing at me. Gary and Jake were there too. Applauding. I wanted to set them all on fire."

* * *

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