Sunday, July 25, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
The Company is in El Pueblo Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula on all kinds of business.

the palm trees of Los Angeles

Today, the misanthropes pulled down their tent and packed up what remained of its wares after a victorious weekend at Renegade Los Angeles. The show has picked a up a fair bit of steam since. The more superstitious among the Company attribute the increase in traffic to a change of venue since last year.

Renegade Los Angeles
(photo courtesy of Make Shop Live)

* * *

The Company carried out it's weekly routines in the home of some of it's dearest L.A. aiders and abettors Phil and Noelle.

HOLY DAZE copy72
It's always Christmas at Phil and Noelle's

There aren't enough nice things the misanthropes can say about these two. They left a sumptuous meal on the table for the Company to devour after a long day at Renegade, and a Trader Joe's bag full of the best homemade popcorn anyone has ever had the pleasure of snacking on.

T-Bone and Cotton were back on the Sunday roll call, having completed their Route 66 mission and delivered Screaming Hell Hogs to the film's purchaser.

* * *

Part of today's agenda included preliminary work on the Bullet in a Bible i-phone application.

"Bullet in a Bible" sketches

The project was commissioned by triple-threat Canadian expat, Levi MacDougall, after a chance run-in between he and Heywood earlier this week. They were both in attendance at one of Bruce Villanch's fancy-dress parties and recognized eachother as fellow Torontonians. The rest will one day be history.

"The Library" video game from

With much of the design groundwork already laid out at the end of this evening's session, the Company's contribution should be Mr.MacDougall's fast hands very shortly. It shouldn't be too long after that before the application is unveiled in all it's glory.

* * *

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