Sunday, June 12, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
"Pothole View"
"Porthole View" by the M.S.Co.

The M.S.Co. is doing its best to work around the continuing labour disputes between Canada Post and the postal workers' union by reducing the need to mail work back and forth between the various members of the Company. The Miner's Prayer, and Montréal misanthropes have assembled in Toronto, and the European contingents may soon be on their way. T-Bone, too, is putting his side project on hold and is en route to rejoin the away team.

Protocols are also being reworked to circumnavigate reliance on the postal system. The Away Team and Toronto camps will henceforth operate, partially, as separate entities; holding on to a percentage of their respective illustrations for completion, evaluation and induction independent of the other team.

* * *

Tofu Baby
Unflattering Portrait of Tofu Baby

Down in the Peach State, the touring misanthropes had their hands full this weekend, representing the Company at I.C.E. Atlanta. Once the show was rapped up, the convoy headed over to Athens, Georgia to carry out their secret meeting and drawing session. They are holed up at Rancho Cocoa, hosted by longtime allies, the French Toasts.

Knock knock
Hanging out with Tofu Baby at Rancho Cocoa

Raul and Missy have built an impenetrable fortress of cuteness, candy, cakes, bunnies and cats. How they get away with all this adorable sweetness without making everyone puke is a mystery for the ages. Even the sourest of misanthropes can't resist the sugar-powered giddiness of Rancho Cocoa for long. As a result, it looks like results of this week's away team drawing session might boast a record number of uncharacteristically darling, even dainty illustrations.

happy cake
Rancho Cocoa's infectious joy is fuelled by equal parts cuteness and icing sugar

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 34
Number completed: 17
Number inducted: 7
Carried over to next week: 6

* * *

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