Sunday, June 19, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
"Stupid Fucking Moron"
("Stupid Fucking Moron" by the men and women of the Company)

The wheels of industry are once again churning at the M.S.Co. The Europeans have arrived in Toronto, hunkering down with the others in the Company Bunker, and T-Bone and Cotton have joined up with the Away Team. This amalgamation of previously spread out Misanthropes into two distinct camps leaves the Company in a better position to ride out this protracted postal strike. The harumphing is subsiding.

Ofcourse, even with the consolidation of membership and amended protocols, circumstances still preclude the needle on the Company Catastrophometer from going all the way back down business as usual levels. Canada Post's indisposition cannot be ignored completely.

Online and mail-order purchase of Company wares remains unavailable

The exchange of certain supplies and sundry secret goods between Headquarters and the Away Team remains vital to Company operations. Relying on services of FedEx and UPS as alternatives, keeps the traffic flowing, but take their toll on Company coffers. These are also not viable alternatives when it comes to the Company's mail-order business and Etsy shop. The M.S.Co. retail division consequently remain closed.

* * *

The strike also calls for the revision many of T-Bone's plans, along with the Company's plans for him.

Portrait of the Company's intrepid Bailiff

With Mr. Bonaparte now tethered to the Away Team, the M.S.Co. regretfully announces the suspension of this year's instalments of his popular Notes to Headquarters travel supplement. Hopefully it doesn't need to be cancelled altogether. Last year's compilation of T-Bone and Cotton's adventures was a runaway hit with subscribers to the Company Espistolary Service.

Then there's the Motel Bible Project...

In a concerted effort to help T-Bone complete his mission, the Company has decided to adopt the project as an M.S.Co. subsidiary. Strategies are being devised to cover more ground, making up for lost time.

Motel Mote
(photo by Cottonwood Fields)

The members of the Away Team will henceforth endeavour check into separate motel rooms, or, when possible, separate motels, switching bibles out as per T-Bones specific instructions.

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 39
Number completed: 25
Number inducted: 11
Carried over to next week: 5

* * * *

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