Sunday, July 17, 2011


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
"(* the killer)"
(*the killer) by the Men And Women of the Misanthrope Specialty Co.

While most reports from the road indicate the travelling Misanthropes are having a mostly good time, chasing their tails all over the United States, another tempest is brewing in the Company teapot.

This week's tumult stems from from the Accounting Department's audit of the Away Team's finances, weighed against the Treasurer's reports from previous M.S.Co. tours. A sharp decline has been noted in the Retail Division's profits, prompting the Company's Chief Financial Officer to raise a red flag of admonition.

"Inflation" Side 1
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The recorded profits from this weekend's Renegade Los Angeles was no more than $17. Last week's yield in San Francisco -- historically one of the Company's most profitable shows -- was similarly discouraging. Across the board, this summer's tallies have hit record lows. Tabling and booth fees, along with the cost of fuelling the Company fleet keep escalating, but the moneyed hordes are not coming out to buy in the same numbers as in years prior. Not by a long shot.

Perhaps there is something to this double dip recession talk radio keeps prattling on about.

Whatever the causes, the Away Team's adventure is running a deficit. Naturally, those within the M.S.Co. who voted against the tour in the first place are seeing red. Today, a motion to cut the tour short was put forward. Furthermore, the Company bean counters are petitioning for a three-year moratorium on touring altogether.

"Inflation" Side 2
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The proposed changes to the Away Team's agenda was hotly debated via teleconference, but voting will not be held until next week. Things being left where they were at the end of today's protocols, the out come of next week's vote is difficult to predict. In the meantime, the tour is to continue on it's current trajectory until further notice.

* * *

sneak peek
photo of mysterious project in progress by Cottonwood Fields

Also on the Company's plate, a slew of exciting commissioned work. Posters, books, portraits, schmatta and so much more. Things are getting busier every week, and the administrators at Headquarters is breaking a frantic sweat trying to coordinate the increasing workload with its wayfaring Stateside workforce.

Stay tuned to this weblog for further details as they arise.

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 39
Number completed: 22
Number inducted: 15
Carried over to next week: 10

* * * *

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