Sunday, July 10, 2011


by Heywood McGillicuddy, Chairman,
and Erkuden Sakana,
Company Secretary:

Eat My Fuck
Exhibit A: Misanthropy

True to its name, the Misanthrope Specialty Co. is rife with pet peeves. This should come a surprise to none; the Company members all wear their curmudgeonry on their dirty shirtsleeves. Furthermore, it's reflected in much of their creative output and merchandise.

One gripe which inevitably bubbles to the surface after a weekend of peddling wares at a show is a lack of decorum by trigger-happy photographers. Much disdain has been expressed for those shutterbugs, be they amateur or professional, who sidle up to the Company booth and, with no acknowledgement of the presiding merchant, proceed to photograph the merchandise. Doubly so if the photographers in question take aim at the Misanthropes themselves.

craft fair burn out
Exhibit B: Double misanthropy

Obviously, not everyone is of the same mind, but it is the general sentiment of the Company that having a blog, and the fact that one's cellular telephone is equipped with a camera shouldn't be taken as inference that one has been issued an all-access press pass.

In response to this, the Company passed a bill some time ago, authorizing its members to respond to such lapses in courtesy in kind.

Put the bird on it
Old policy:"No pictures, please"

The preferred, though unofficial, implementation of this policy has typically consisted of the interjection of a single digit into the photographers' field of view. This method, however, has not been for everyone, so it was recently put to the Company to find a more passive alternative for the deterrence of unauthorized photography.

The solution was voted in today, and will henceforth be in effect at all subsequent shows, craft fairs, etc.

Blog Deterrent
New policy: "Ten dollars, please"

Rather than becoming indignant, or pretending to do so for the sake of confrontation, the M.S.Co. has decided to put a price tag on unsolicited picture-taking. The Company will be happy to sell you the photos you just took without asking for a measly $10. Exact change is preferred.

As for those individuals with the good sense to introduce themselves and state their intentions before they start clicking away, the Company is usually willing to waive its fee.

* * *

In other news, the Company is cranking out drawings at full throttle.

"American In Peril"
"American In Peril" by the Company Away Team

The Away Team, in particular, has been quite prolific since it was granted partial autonomy during the postal strike state of emergency. Despite the logistics being stacked against them, given their lack of studio space, sleep, showers and regular hours, the itinerant Misanthropes have their cushy Toronto-rooted counterparts beat in terms of drawings initiated, completed, and even inducted this week.

"Stupid Garbage"
"Stupid Garbage" by the M.S.Co. Away Team

Perhaps the touring members of the Company are more intune with eachother than those left bickering in the Bunker. Or perhaps their standards for what gets inducted are simply lower. Regardless of the reasons for the imbalance in productivity, this week's numbers appear to have ignited something of a competitive spirit between the two camps.

* * * *

Number of illustration initiated: 47
Number completed: 30
Number inducted: 22
Carried over to next week: 10

* * * *

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