Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Notes to Headquarters
by T-Bone, Company Bailiff;
edited by Arthur Corey, Communications Offic

"Among other things, I am mailing you a yellowing letter-pressed admonition. A reproach and accusation before the fact, thinly veiled as humorous and maybe folksy.

I Took This
(photo by T-Bone)

"Because even the faintest impulse to shoplift had failed to cross my mind until I found myself poked in the ribs with this card, and because the proprietors of the general store saw fit to drag their god into it, I saw fit to steal the wretched thing.

God pile
(photo by T-Bone)

"As a matter of fact, I stole every one of the cards I could find in that musty emporium of China-made hillbilly souvenirs and mildly racist tributes to the nobility of America's Indian warrior chiefs.

Horny Hillbilly Box
(photo by T-Bone)

"The store is in direct cahoots with the motel here, and the cashier is a mean, lemon-faced old hen, doing double duty as the motel desk clerk. She'd tisked her dry tongue at us the night before, shaking her head throughout the extended check-in process once she learned Cotton and I were checking into one room, unwed. She'd seethed and judged us in false silence from behind the counter before turning to straighten the
Barely Legal magazines on the rack behind her."

Horny Hillbilly
(photo by T-Bone)

* * *

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