Monday, July 20, 2009


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:
Despite our overwhelming urge to hop on our bicycles and leave this stink town in our dust for good, the Headquarters team continues to elaborate on the steady trickle of submissions being sent by our more fortunate peers abroad.

"A Secret Society of Exibitionists Are We"
One of our latest inductees.

We have a growing stack of completed drawings, still waiting for approval from the rest of the Company. The voting process has slowed down significantly with the majority of our members gallivanting across the United States.

* * *

Speaking of our fiends down South; our Treasurer's report hasn't come in yet, but the general consensus appears to be that Renegade San Francisco was an outstanding success.
This is only Renegade's second stab at the Golden Gate City, and attendance was even better than last year's already popular event. All accounts from our attending members mention how friendly and enthusiastic the mob was. Several new alliances were forged, and it's probably safe to wager the Company will vote in favour another westward trek in 2010.

Three's a charm, after all.

* * *

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