Thursday, July 9, 2009


by Reverend Aitor, Impresario:

People of Twitter, alert the San Franciscans in your life that The Misanthrope Specialty Company will be in attendance at Renegade San Francisco this coming week-end.
photo by Becky Johnson

Once again, Unflattering Portraits will be available for those whose self-esteem is in good working order every hour on the hour.

To book an appointment in advance, simply click on the comments section at the end of this posting and claim any hour that isn't already claimed. Portraits take about thirty to forty minutes per person and are done by donation. Pay what you think it's worth.

Saturday July 18:
1:00pm - Lea-Anne Smith
2:00pm - Lunch Break
3:00pm - Lindsay
4:00pm - Gin
5:00pm - Available
6:00pm - Cathy Pitters

Sunday July 19:
12:00pm - Jerry Stevens
1:00pm - Garth
2:00pm - Lunch Break
3:00pm - Claire
4:00pm - Available
5:00pm - David
6:00pm - Maggie

* * *


  1. I would like to reserve the 6pm slot on Saturday the 18th at the wonderful Renegade Craft Fair in excited to complete the collection of family portraits.
    Cathy Pitters

  2. Greetings, I would like to reserve the 3pm slot for Sunday at Renegade Craft Fair (SF) if at all possible. I need something to hang in my bathroom.
    Jen Dockter

  3. Cathy, Jen...

    Consider yourselves booked.

  4. i can't wait for the ugliness to begin.

    also, that picture of hazel slays me every time.

    which reminds me, i am behind in updating the gallery of ugly. sorry, misanthropes. it's like my one one job here.