Sunday, July 26, 2009


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary:

Behold; a new addition to our list of prints for sale. Hot off the presses.

"The Three Gracies" - New print this week by the men and women of the
Misanthrope Specialty Co.
We've categorised The Three Gracies as a cautionary tail, though what exactly it is we're cautioning against remains the topic of debate.

* * *

While our Sunday meetings continue to be quiet affairs, with most of our members scattered across the continent, those of us left to coordinate the curating of completed work work and the exchange of works in progress are as busy as ever.

This week's Company mailbag is brimming with recently completed illustrations, many of them done on stationary from an array of hotels and motels during our agents' breaks whilst on the road. Clearly our members have come down with stationary fever once again, as there has been a steady stream of work coming in on all manner of vintage and antique letterhead; some dating back as far as the early 19oo's.

There's still a fair amount of sorting and voting to do, but discussions about a new stationary-themed show are already in progress. What we can tell you is that it'll likely be held Labour Day when the Company re-convenes for the season, and that we intend to make good on our previous threats to make our next opening night a Clubhouse slumberparty. Keep tuning in to this web log for more details as the date approaches.

* * *

It should also be said that his is our final installment of Meeting Minutes for the season. While contributions to the web log will nodoubtedly continue, the Company offices will be closed during the month of August. Be advise that letters and electronic messages may go unanswered until after Labour Day.

--Don't change this summer!

* * *

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