Monday, July 13, 2009


by Rufus Spaulding:
The first annual Renegade Los Angeles was a moderate success. Taking into account the fact that both Cotton and T-Bone noisily refused to step off the elevator upon learning the event really was being held on the thirteenth floor of the California Market Center, things went surprisingly well.

photo courtesy of thea superstarr

photo courtesy of jkoshi

Our sincere apologies to the CMC security staff, and to those sharing our elevator for the brief calamity caused by our triskaidekaphobic colleagues.

While we have not yet convened to put things to an official vote, the consensus among the Company appears to lean towards the idea of coming back next time. The Renegade organizers are an industrious bunch, and we're confident the fair will have found surer footing by the second year.
* * *
photo courtesy of Becky Johnson
Later that night, our guide and new best friend Phil Van Hest, led us on a hike up to his secret vantage point in the Hollywood hills to watch the sun set over the sprawling madhouse he calls home. It seems the secret ingredient to a truly breathtaking sunset is a thick blanket of courtesy of Becky Johnson
Once we noticed it was not one or two, but a whole pack of coyotes skulking about we decided it was time to leave the premises. Heywood's insufferably allergic to dander.
autograph by Jake Busey
Phil showed us how to sneak into a fancy Hollywood party when we stumbled upon Jake Busey's house on our way back down. Becky and Phil were the only one's brave enough to try to snap some celebrity photos, but were asked to desist for legal reasons. The camera man following Stephen Dorff around for his upcoming reality show said something about an exclusivity contract, and we took his word for it.
photo by Becky Johnson
Lips from the Anvil movie was selling his band merchandise in Mr.Busey's garage. He was gracious enough to encourage a few surreptitious snapshots.

It's a weird place, this Hollywood place.
* * *

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