Sunday, May 23, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;

The misanthropes trickled into Baltimore over the course of the day, eventually coming together for another session of Sunday protocols, business and collaborative illustration.

"Acne Vulgaris"
(work in progress)

The lack of a private meeting place and the threat of rain forced the meeting into the Golden West Cafe; a Plan B venue the Company's Location Manager had previously scouted out and deemed appropriate due largely to their strict no-cellphone policy and to the availability of a mixological wonder dubbed the Bacon Bulleit.

bacon bulleit
This tasty little cocktail, consisting of bourbon, lemon juice, a hint of maple syrup and garnished with a strip of applewood smoked bacon proved to be a hands-down favourite.

* * *

"Li'l' Flat Top Makes Himself Useful"
Commissioned illustration for "Savoy Corpse Reviver" -- appearing in the next issue of Pilot Illustrated

Among the Company's sundry projects, the misanthropes are presently working on a series of illustrations commissioned to accompany one of the short stories in the upcoming edition of Pilot -- a Toronto-based literary journal.

* * *

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