Monday, May 31, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;
POSTCARD Rhode Island

Unwilling to pay inflated holiday prices for a motel room to work in, the members of the Misanthrope Specialty Co. came together in the parking lot at a Rhode Island welcome center, conducting yesterday's Sunday meeting outdoors.

Connecticut Meeting
(the Company prepares for its parking-lot meeting)

As is often the case in periods of touring, the roadside meeting was a busy one, with members struggling against time and road-weariness and a lack of proper workspace to conduct business and to produce a satisfying amount of quality work. Time-sensitive commissioned work sometimes eludes completion before the eleventh hour on tour.
Savoy cover
(Illustration by the Men and Women of the Company)

Though it isn't the way the Misanthrope Specialty Co. likes to operate, the Company managed to Complete and submit it's illustrations for Pilot Illustrated just under the wire.

The illustrations will accompany Erich Mulhall's short story in the next issue, due to be released early in this fall.

Erich Mulhall
Mr. Mulhall at work

* * *

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