Monday, May 24, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;

Last night, while visiting the American Visionary Art Museum, the Misanthrope Specialty Co. was invited to spend the night in the impeccably curated home of Uncle Ted, a veritable patron saint of the arts.

After a somewhat rushed Company meeting, and knowing that conditions for future Sunday Sessions wouldn't always be ideal on the road, the opportunity to hold an auxiliary meeting and make art in such comfortable and inspiring surroundings was a luxury not to be passed up.

(photo by Becky Johnson)
* * *
No trip to Maryland is complete without the consumption of Chesapeake Bay blue crab in all its forms. And while steamed crabs and crab cakes might be the obvious choices while dining in Baltimore, the Company's Minister of Acquisitions was sure to stock up on Utz "The Crab Chip" potato chips before doubling back to Philadelphia.
Crab Chips
(photo by Reverend Aitor)
This tasty, salty, spicy roadfood treat is worth the heartburn, and becomes increasingly harder to find the farther one ventures form the area.
* * *

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