Sunday, May 2, 2010


by Erkuden Sakana, Company Secretary;
rochester postcard

By all accounts, misanthropes' whirlwind visit to Flour City was an enjoyable one.

Today the Company split up into factions, in a hurried dash to cross several tasks of the members' respective to-do lists during their few remaining hours in town.

While the Company's Chairman and Impresario were striking up a business deal with the Center at High Falls, some of the others set out to procure a sampling of another local delicacy, the
garbage plate.

Though only Nick Tahou can lay claim to being its originator, and has trademarked the name, the celebrated local dish can be found at various eateries under a number of pseudonyms. Those in the Company who partook in the greasy taste test agreed Dogtown's junkyard plate was the tastier of the bunch; going to show that, even in matters of artery-clogging gluttony, the quality of ingredients counts.

* * *

(photo courtesy of Skip Holden)

Almost as exciting as the aforementioned gut bomb was Lydia and Cotton's discovery of Rochester's long-abandoned subway system. Unfortunately, the time to push off arrived before they could carry out a thorough examination of the subterranean passageways, but the Company's predeliction for damp tunnels suggest that the Misanthrope Specialty Co. will likely return for a closer look sooner than later.

* * *

"Jerks at the Bar" 1 & 2
"Jerks at the Bar" 1 and 2

Later, after putting in a few hours on the road, the Company reconvened in Harrisbug, PA for a slightly truncated Sunday session of business and collaborative drawing.

(photo courtesy of the Subway Cafe)

The meeting was held at the olde-timey Subway Café, on the recommendation of some fellow vagrants Tallulah encountered at the Pennsylvania Welcome Centre. It seemed appropriate enough a location, in keeping with the theme of the day's urban exploration and given the fact that beer there may be purchased by the fishbowl.

* * *

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